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Night Diapers

Night Diapers - Overnight Cloth Diapers

Night Diapers

Night Diapers Feature:

  • Thirsty terry outer layer
  • Second wet zone layer
  • Stay-dry microfleece inner layer
  • Natural or handdyed outer
  • Glow in the dark snaps
  • Super soaker insert included
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Night Diapers - Sleep Tight "I purchased a Night Diaper last week and gave it the first test run last night. I LOVE it! I can't wait to snag another one up. Thank you for making a terrific product available. And it doesn't hurt that it's super cute also :)" Kelly M, Asheville, NC.

OMG, OMG, OMG, I just got the diaper in the mail today and it is even better than i pictured. This is definately gonna be the pride and joy of my stash... Thank you SO much seriously, now I have to have more, lol! The fit is perfect for our thunder thighs and there aren't many diapers i can say that about! Plus they are so dang cute. You have an awesome product here, thank you so much for making it for us! Melissa C, San Antonio, TX

Night Diapers Help You and Your Child Get a Good Night's Sleep

Night Diapers

Since you've become a parent sleep has become more of a precious commodity than ever before. Some nights it seems like your little one will never fall asleep! When you finally get to sleep yourself, you're awakened by your child crying because his/her night diaper is soaked and uncomfortable. You fumble half-asleep in the dark trying to get the diaper changed without waking your child any more than necessary, and wondering how long it'll take before you can get back to sleep this time.

Maybe your child goes to sleep easily, but is in a super soaker stage that your regular night diaper can't handle. You're waking up to wet pajamas, sheets, blankets, and more laundry than you want to do. Your child isn't happy, and neither are you.

Our Sleepytime Zzz™ Night Diapers are the solution to your nighttime diapering woes! Zany Zebra night diapers have the same trim fit and cozy feel as our other fitted diapers plus enough stuffing room even if your child is a super soaker at night! These night diapers do not have a waterproof layer so you can use your favorite wool or fleece diaper cover clothing or regular diaper cover.

Night Diapers Glow in the Dark! The body of our night diapers consists of one layer of thirsty terry or fleece, a second layer in the wet zone, and an inner layer of cozy microfleece to help baby feel dry and sleep longer. Our "Super Soaker" insert is included with each night diaper. This trifold insert consists of three full layers of fleece or terry for a total of 11 layers of fabric in the diaper and folded insert!

Sleepytime Zzzs™ night diapers feature an original nighttime design that begins with an outer hand dyed in shades of blue. A shimmering moon and twinkling stars on are appliqued on the back with glow in the dark thread. Glow in the dark snaps are an extra special touch for bedtime. Our night diapers are also available undyed for those that prefer the natural beauty of undyed fabric.

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