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Free Diaper Patterns

Free Cloth Diaper Patterns - Cloth Diaper Patterns

Our free cloth diaper pattern links will help you make almost everything you need to cloth diaper your child. Do you know of free cloth diaper patterns not included here? Need help making your own stash? Please contact us, we love sharing our tips and tricks for sewing cloth diapers!


Free Cloth Diaper Patterns with Directions

Cloth Revolution Pocket Diaper

A free cloth diaper pattern with instructions from The Mafia Tutu. Permission is given to sell diapers from this pattern, under certain circumstances.

Diaper Pattern

A free cloth diaper pattern to make your own pocket diaper. Does not include directions, but you can follow the directions for any of the other pocket diaper patterns. For personal use only.

Faux Fuzzi Bunz Diaper Pattern

A free cloth diaper pattern and directions to make your own pocket diaper, similar to the popular mass-marketed pocket diapers. Includes directions and measurements to draft your own pattern. For personal use only.

One Size Cloth Diaper Pattern

This free cloth diaper pattern is for one-size diapers that are pinned closed. There are also directions for a homemade wipes solution. This pattern seems to be best suited for fitteds.

One Size Fitted or Pocket Nappy

A wonderful tutorial with clean step-by-step instructions and helpful photos. The finished diaper needs to be pinned or snappi'd because there are no closures.

One Size Fitted Diaper

Mama Can Do It offers a free downloadable pattern with directions. The finished diaper needs to be pinned or snappi'd because there are no closures.

Ottobre Cloth Diaper Pattern

From the well-known Ottobre company comes a free cloth diaper pattern and directions to download and print. It even includes washing suggestions. These diapers can be made as fitteds or AIOS in two sizes, both with generous rises. For private use only.

Pocket Diaper with Free Pattern

This diaper is truly one size – it adjusts with hidden buttonhole elastic. The tutorial has very clear, easy to follow directions and free patterns.

Rita's Rump Cover

Free PDF pattern for a one size fits most wrap style diaper cover.

WeeWeka Side Snap Pattern

Downloadable PDF pattern for a side snapping diaper pattern. May automatically download for you.

Knitted Wool Diaper Cover

From the well-known Ottobre company comes a free pattern and directions for a knitted wool diaper cover to download and print.

Free Cloth Diaper Patterns Top

Free Cloth Diaper Directions - Draft Your Patterns

Great links for directions and instructions, patterns are not included.

KCK Sized Pattern Sew-Along

Directions for making cloth diapers using a pattern purchased from Kayla's Cloth Kits, but can be followed with other patterns too.

Cloth Wipes

Instructions to make your own cloth wipes from materials around your house and fabric remnants. Includes three levels of directions: easy, medium and tricky.

Diaper Inserts

Simple instructions for making your own inserts for pocket diapers, using just a sewing machine. Great for beginners!

Fitted Cloth Diaper

Instructions for using a diaper to draft a pattern, with pictures and directions for making a fitted diaper from your pattern.

Flannel Prefold Diaper

Directions with photos to make prefold diapers from flannel. Also explains how they diapered their child for free.

FuzziBunz Style Diaper

Directions to draft a pattern and make your own FuzziBunz style diaper. Does not include any photos.

Make Diapers for Baby

Instructions for making cloth diapers from clothing and materials around the house. Uses a disposable diaper to draft an initial pattern.

Making Your Own Cloth Diapers

Step by step directions for drafting your own pattern totally from scratch.

Pillowcase Style Prefold Pocket

Directions for making a pillowcase-style fleece cover for prefolds. Provides a stay-dry feeling for baby and makes changing time easier.

Prefold Diaper - the "Real" Way

Learn how to make a traditional prefold diaper just like the ones you'd buy. Includes lots of photos.

Pull-On Fleece Cover

Instructions for making pull-on cloth diaper covers from Windpro or other heavyweight fleece. Includes directions to make your own pattern from your child's measurements.

Swim Diaper Sew-Along

Directions are for making swim diapers using a pattern purchased from Kayla's Cloth Kits, but can be used with other patterns also.

Trainers from Undies

Instructions for making training pants using traditional underwear as a pattern.

Trim Your Prefolds

Directions for trimming prefolds to eliminate bulk and folding problems. Includes lots of pictures.

Turn Prefolds into Fitteds

Easy directions for turning prefolds into fitteds, includes pictures each step of the way.

Top of Cloth Diaper Patterns

Free Cloth Diaper Patterns - Sites with Multiple Patterns

Tons of free cloth diaper patterns and directions on each site - take your time to explore!

Goodness Gracious Cloth Diaper Patterns

Free cloth diaper patterns with directions to make your own preemie or doll cloth diapers, regular cloth diapers, and trainers. Patterns are ready to print and include directions on the same page.

Mama Can Do It Patterns

Free patterns for two types of inserts, plus cloth diaper patterns for sale at nominal prices.

Mia La Free Patterns

Free patterns for diaper covers and soft sole shoes you can download and print, plus links to more free patterns too!

Smart Mama Home

Also known as Cyndiegran, Smart Mama Home has directions for making prefolds, drafting your own free cloth diaper pattern, and customizing an existing cloth diaper pattern are included. Includes the story of how her grandchild was diapered for free, plus a link to purchase her cloth diaper patterns.

The Nappy Network

Over a dozen links to patterns and/or directions for pocket, pocket with gusset, fitted and newborn diapers, training pants, elastic casings, and much more!

Samantha Liz

This fun blog has downloadable patterns for a variety of cloth diapering products including extra small diapers, soaker back-up layers, and more!

Free Cloth Diaper Patterns

Make your own cloth diapers with this collection of over sixty free cloth diaper patterns and templates gathered from all over the web.

Sew Your Own Diapers

A site dedicated to sewing cloth diapers. Includes directions for QD AIO, fitted, AIO, prefold and pocket diapers, menstrual pads, PUL and fleece covers. Does not include patterns.

Very Baby Tutorials

Variations based on the Very Baby line of patterns, including pocket, fitted, wool-in-one, AIO, fleece, and QD diaper styles, plus directions and patterns for menstrual pad patterns and prefolds.

Top of Cloth Diaper Patterns

Free Cloth Diaper Patterns - Sewing Tips and Tricks

Before you start on your free cloth diaper patterns check out these tips and tricks!

Envelope Style Opening

Directions with photos for making an envelope style pocket opening.

Tips for Fleece

Picture tutorial for getting fleece to roll in easily.

Gussets Again

Directions for adding gussets to your pocket diaper. The directions can be adapted to add gussets to other diaper styles also.

Modify a Drill Press into a Snap Press

Make your own snap press by modifying a drill press with these easy to follow directions.

We've Got More than Free Cloth Diaper Patterns!

When you're ready for a break from looking at cloth diaper patterns, check out these other great resources:

Happy Cloth Diapering!

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Free Cloth Diaper Patterns - Cloth Diaper Patterns

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Free Cloth Diaper Patterns

Title: Free Cloth Diaper Patterns - Cloth Diaper Patterns


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