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Diaper Doublers

Diaper Doublers

Diaper Doublers - Cloth Diaper Doublers

Our Diaper Doublers Feature:

  • Decorative stitching for that special touch
  • Three absorbent fabric choices for trim efficiency
  • Perfectly sized for all of your diapers
  • May be topped with your favorite luxury fabric
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"I love the doublers! They're so beautiful, soft, well-made, cute, and functional all at the same time. They're very trim but provide some nice extra absorbency when needed. I'll put one in an all-in-one to help it last longer, and two in a night diaper to help it go through the night without adding a ton of bulk. Love 'em! And I appreciate the thoughtful wrapping." Annie K, St. Louis, MO

Diaper Doublers Help you Love your Cloth

You're getting tired of changing your little one's clothing, bedding, your clothing and your bedding because of cloth diaper leaks. You're so fed up with leaking diapers that you're considering putting two diapers on your little one. Don't go to that old-fashioned extreme - try a diaper doubler instead! Diaper doublers can be the difference between liking your cloth diapers and loving them!

Diaper Doublers are Excellent Leak Prevention

Put added absorbency exactly where it's needed, in the right amount for your little one and for how often you change. You can customize any diapering system by adding a doubler or two for extra absorbency without the extra bulk of double diapering. Add a doubler to your regular cloth diapers when your child goes through a "super soaker" stage, for naps, for long outings, and for extended car rides. If you find that you are consistently using three or more diaper doublers, you may want to consider diaper inserts instead.

Diaper Doublers are Easy to Use

Diaper doublers can be stuffed inside pocket diapers with your regular inserts, tucked between the layers of a quick dry soaker, or laid inside a true all-in-one diaper. They wash easily, dry quickly, and fit inside most cloth diapers. For added versatility, choose a diaper doubler topped with one of our great fabrics and use it as a liner to provide extra comfort for your child.

These aren't your Ordinary Diaper Doublers

Diaper Doubler BackJust like our other cloth diaper accessories, each of our diaper doublers comes with special stitching, as a special gift from my heart to yours. Your diaper doubler will have fancy stitching, hearts, stars, or positive thoughts like Love, Grow, Play, Soar, etc, stitched into it. I enjoy adding this extra feature to each doubler that I create, and hope that it brings a little more fun to your cloth diapering every day!

Which Diaper Doubler is Best for You?

Our diaper doublers are approximately 4"x12" and made of two trim layers of thirsty hemp/cotton terry, bamboo fleece, organic cotton fleece. They each work equally well; your choice depends on your personal preference of fabric and "topped" or "naked". Hemp is the rather dense and firm-feeling, is the most absorbent, and the trimmest fabric. Bamboo is soft and squishy, slightly less absorbent than hemp, but much silkier and will not hold on to odors. Organic cotton feels like a sweatshirt - soft, thick and durable, slightly less absorbent than bamboo, but it won't hold on to odors either.

You can choose a "naked" diaper doubler or one topped with colorful microfleece or suedecloth, or natural bamboo or organic cotton velour. A microfleece or suedecloth top will provide a stay-dry feeling for your child, help prevent stains, and poo rolls off it easily. Luxurious bamboo and organic cotton velour provide a cushy feel on your little one's bottom and limit the amount of chemicals that come in contact with your baby's skin.

Diaper Doublers Make a Big Difference for a Small Price

Diaper doublers can make a huge difference in your cloth diapering experience! We highly recommend doublers as a small, worthwhile investment in your baby's cloth diapering system. Diaper doublers truly make your life easier and help keep your little one drier and more comfortable.

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New to Diaper Doublers and Cloth Diapers?

  • Check out Cloth Diapers 101 to learn more about the wonderful world of cloth diapers!
  • Learn about the different types of diaper fabric used in our diapers and doublers.
  • Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, we're always happy to help new (and experienced) cloth diapering parents!

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