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All in One Diapers

All in One Diaper

AIO Diapers - All in One Diapers

All in One Diapers Feature:

  • Waterproof PUL outer layer
  • Cushy comfy inner layer
  • Absorbent quick-dry soaker or insert
  • Snap or touchtape closure
  • Trim fit under clothing
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All in One Diapers - Cupcake

"OMG the cupcake diaper is here!!!!! I love love love it.. as usual, thank you!!!!! I'm attaching action shots of the cupcake diaper, older DD was following the baby around trying to smell teh cupcake lol. I am seriously gonna sell all my fussys and try to get as many of these as I can lol :-P, thanks for making such awesome diapers!" Laura L, Newark, CA

All in One diapers - One step cloth diapering!

All in One Diaper Zany Zebra All in One diapers are a one-step choice for parents who want an easy cloth diapering system. Because there's just one piece to worry about instead of a diaper and separate cover, All in One diapers are a favorite for going out and about, for daycare, and for quick changes at home. Our absorbant four-layer hemp terry soaker and two-layer hemp terry doubler snap to the All in One diaper inner with reinforced snaps, which you do not need to unsnap before laundering, so they're ready to go at changing time. Our professional grade resin snaps will easily withstand everyday wear and tear - but not boiling, so please don't make "diaper soup"!

All in One Diaper Under Onesie Our All in One diapers are very trim and fit easily under all those cute baby clothes you already have, no need to purchase special covers or pants! With six total layers of hemp fleece or terry, there is plenty of absorbency for your child. The doubler snaps into the front of the diaper and can be left open for middle-wetters or folded to the front for front-wetters.

Each soaker and doubler have a extra details quilted on them as a special gift from my heart to yours. The back side of the soaker has pictures that echo the applique, or other fun designs like hearts or stars. The doubler has postive thoughts stitched into it, like Love, Grow, Play, Soar, and other affirmative statements. I enjoy adding these little extra features to each diaper I make, and hope they make each one of your All in One diapers more fun to use.

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Looking for more information about All in One diapers?

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  • Why Cloth? lists the benefits of cloth diapers and compares cloth vs disposable diapers.
  • Feel free to contact us with any questions about all in one diapers or cloth diapering in general. We're happy to help you learn about all in one diapers, and other types of cloth diapers!

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