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Linking to relevant sites benefits both sites!

"The single most important factor in page rank with the major search engines is link popularity." (J. Bailey, GNC Web Creations.) This means that exchanging links with related sites is crucial to the success of online businesses.

We believe that linking to relevant sites is a win-win situation for websites and their visitors.

  • Your visitors will benefit from the wide variety of helpful resource links you have available.
  • Your visitors will link to your site because it provides the resources they need.
  • Your visitors will tell others about your site.
  • Your site will receive increased traffic and more links to boost page rank.

Tips for Linking to Zany Zebra Designs

Most websites promote links primarily to the website "Home" page. While we won't discourage links to our "Home" page, we also encourage links directly to our other pages. If you find valuable information on one of our website pages please consider linking directly to that page instead of (or in addition to) our "Home" page. This provides a valuable service to your visitors because they can easily find the information you are linking to, instead of having to search the site.

Please use the following information to link to Zany Zebra Designs. Text links have a bigger impact in search engines, so if you choose to use one of our banners please also add a text link. We will return the courtesy.

Title: Cloth Diapering

Description: Zany Zebra Designs is your source for stylish cloth diapers and valuable cloth diapering information. All products are proudly made in the USA!

Cloth Diapering

Cloth Diapering

Cloth Diapering

Cloth Diapering

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We are happy to link to sites that provide a valuable service or useful products to our visitors. We prefer to link to sites who have their resource links accessible from their "Home" page, and who have a limited number of links. We will not link to sites who only offer a "link farm" - nothing more than a page of links to miscellaneous unrelated sites. If you believe your site would be helpful to our visitors, please submit your site by emailing the following information to us:

  • Your site title.
  • Your website URL and/or the URL of the page for our consideration.
  • A brief "search engine friendly" description of your site.
  • The URL for the page where you have linked to us.



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